If you want to innovate great things think less about what you want? and care more about what your customers need? and listen to these 3 advises.

1. Put aside your own ego:

According to Kevin Roberts the Executive Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the world’s leading creative organizations.

You don’t own your brand any more, you have to give up control of them you have to give it to your customers, give it to the people.

Listening is the core capability of a winning company today not driving.

2. Focus on your customers not your product:

Listen to this great advice from Anthony Robbins the famous Life success coach.

You cannot fall in love with your product or service, you got to fall in love with your clients.

3. Talk less and listen more:

and finally ask ask ask according to Stephen Key an award-winning inventor and entrepreneur.

Ask more questions, ask them about their families, ask them what they like? be involved.